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Digital and VOIP Telephone Systems
Golden Telecom has a telephone solution for organizations of any size with a choice of either VOIP/ Cloud Based Solutions from Star2star or a state-of-the art Digital Solution manufactured by ESI.


 Hybrid Premise/ Cloud Based VOIP Phone System
Our Hybrid Cloud/ Premise Based Voice Over Internet Protocol systems offer flexibility never seen before on a business telephony platform. Star2star Cloud Based Phone Systems allow versatility through features such as find me/follow me, easy do-it-yourself feature configuration via any web-browser from anywhere and line bursting and pooling which allows you to add more lines on the fly or share lines between multiple locations.  

Polyvom VVX400 SIP Phone








Star2star Features  ♦Starbox Family ♦Star2Star Telephones Unified Messaging  Call Center Solution


                                                                                                                                                                                                    ESI 60D Phone

 Digital Phone Systems
ESI Digital Communication Servers (Commservers) represent the best in digital phone technology and bring together advanced IP and Digital features on one platform. ESI Commservers allow for your phone system to grown as your business grows. Golden Telecom can help you find the most suitable system for your current and future needs


The Commserver Family ♦ESI-1000 Commserver ♦ESI-200 Commserver ♦ESI-100 Commserver ESI-50 Commserver ESI-50L Commserver ESI IP Server 900