Starbox 5500 VOIP Phone System

The StarBox 5500 brings Star2Star’s industry-leading quality, reliability, and savings to customers with larger offices. The 5500 can connect up to 500 extensions with up to 100 simultaneous voice conversations.The StarBox 5500 joins the StarBox 2200 and StarBox Lite models in Star2Star’s product line. The 2200 can connect up to 250 extensions and 50 simultaneous calls, while the StarBox Lite can connect 20 extensions and 10 calls. Except for their differing capacities, all three models share an identical feature set and management interface.The 5500 can be used as a direct replacement for customers who have outgrown their smaller StarBoxes or, along with the other members of the StarBox family,as part of a multi-location solution.The StarBoxes are an integral part of Star2Star’sinnovative Blended Architecture, which uses a blend of on-premise and hosted “in the cloud” components to



deliver highly reliable, business-class call quality over standard Internet connections. The Star2Star 5500 also provides customers with multiple failover options in the event of a power or Internet outage. The StarBox 5500 is packaged in a 1U rack-mountable chassis. Like the other StarBox models, the 5500 uses a solidstate disk for quiet, reliable operation and low power consumption. The StarBox 5500 is available through Golden Telecom with a choice of CISCO, Yealink and Polycom telephones. You also have the option of mixing and matching these three model phones on one Starbox. We will professionally install the system and train your staff on its use  and administration.