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Are you Paying too Much for Old Fashioned Telephone Service?

We are resellers for Star2Star, an innovative, award-winning Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communications system. VOIP is the future of the telephone industry. It connects calls using your broadband Internet connection, rather than expensive copper phone lines. Star2Star's patent-pending VOIP technology delivers quality, reliability, and features that are equal to any phone system at a fraction of the price. 


Integrated Door Access Control

IVX Presence Management incorporates a fob entry system that is tied to your ESI phone system and allows you to monitor employee presence and control access to your building. 



ESI's IVX  Digital Phone Systems

Golden Telecom is a certified reseller for ESI, an innovative and feature-rich digital phone system that will revolutionarize the way you communicate. ESI phone systems are reliable, very price competitive and extremely simple to use. Whether you are a large organization with hundreds of users or a small enterprise requiring a stable business phone system, an ESI digital telephone system can meet all of your communication needs.

ESI 40D Digital Telephone